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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA,USA is a city which needs little introduction and which has been covered in many movies, books and TV shows. In recent years this city has grown and it is now a popular city offering affordable housing, schools and facilities and with 300 plus days of sunshine a year the attraction is clear. For tourists, Las Vegas is a mecca for gambling, the chance to stay in high quality hotels for an affordable price, some excellentlive shows and the opportunity to visit some of the country's best attractions nearby including the Grand Canyon and Death Valley.

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Las Vegas is a city which can be a wonderful holiday or vacation idea whether you are a couple, group, hensor stag party, couple planning to get married or an individual. If you are visiting Vegas soon, make sure to enjoy the unique culture and the nightclubs Las Vegas style! Read the Bluffers Guide to Las Vegas here on this site! Alternatively,

For couples, the combination of the Grand Canyon, quality hotels, great food and sunshine and good prices is attractions: For the wedding couple there is the chance to save thousands on a traditional wedding by getting married at a low price and instead spending on the honeymoon. For the series gambler there can be no better place in the world and there are a wide range of casinos and games for you to play.

On this site we will look more in detail at a number of areas including the:

If there is anything you will additionally like to see included on this site please feel free to contact us. Las Vegas is a colorful city filled with attractions and activities and you are bound to find the thing you like doing and enjoying the most. .

One of the biggest tournaments of the year in Las Vegas is the WSOP World Series, an event now which also has in the last few years seen several online poker players win the final title. This is one of the worlds premier events and takes place in Vegas.

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If you are coming to the city to get married then you might want to read of wedding information. Also take a look at some pages on this site including information on the best local golf courses, tours, holidays, Red Rock tours and Hoover Dam. Caesars Palace is my personal favourite and one you must visit.

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Learn and get tips on the various Vegas Casinos and games here on - Learn about Craps! Las Vegas is really a very unique and special city in its own right. It brings together the best of luxury with Las Vegas vacation packages which can match the very best in the world and the best in food, entertainment and local attractions. The city can also be good for families with some great attractions including the Mandalay Bay Shark Exhibit.

Find Las Vegas Deals and also learn and get tips on the various Vegas Casinos and games here on - Learn about Craps! We've also included some good to know hints and tips written by us. If you're looking for somewhere to practice your casino skills, take a look through our site!

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